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Streaming Media at Brookens: Kanopy Videos

This guide is to provide information on Kanopy and other streaming media content available through the Brookens Library.

Kanopy PDA Information

Kanopy is a streaming video service intended to provide access to documentaries and other educational media in support of the university curricular needs. Kanopy was selected due to its preview feature. Many faculty had expressed reluctance to request the purchase of educational media due to their high cost. Especially when faculty did not have the opportunity to view the media to ensure it meets their educational needs prior to purchasing. 

Kanopy is a pay per view service. Most videos on the platform are open and available for preview for three views without charge. The fourth view automatically triggers the library to purchase unlimited rights to the video for a year at the cost of $135.  A view is defined as a play of 30 seconds or more, Kanopy is not intended for casual or entertainment viewing. 

The Library recommends that a faculty member set aside enough time to view as much of the content as needed to determine if a video meets their learning objectives.  Ideally, within a single viewing so that only videos needed for classroom use are purchased.

Please note that there are some videos on the platform that must be purchased or leased outright. If you are interested in one of these videos, there is a link to a recommendation form that you can use or you can place a request using the streaming media form at



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Below is a listing of the Titles currently Licensed through Kanopy and their expiration dates.

These films can be viewed without occurring any additional expense for classroom use or general interest until they expire, at which time they can be renewed for an additional yearly charge.  If you have any questions regarding Kanopy or any other media product, please contact your subject librarian -- Librarians by Department

Note to Professors and Instructors: If you need documentaries for class viewing from Kanopy that have not yet been licensed and are not listed below, please request the needed titles before or at the beginning of the semester to ensure that they are licensed/purchased while funds are available. We will do our best to accommodate requests, but cannot guarantee that all requests will be purchased.

Kanopy Titles (Already Licensed)

2021 Dates

Video Title End Date
Birthright: A War Story - The War on Women’s Reproductive Health 25 Feb 2021
Kink Crusaders 25 Feb 2021
Bonsai People: The Vision of Muhammad Yunus 01 Mar 2021
Do Women Have a Higher Sex Drive? 01 Mar 2021
Frontline: Left Behind America 01 Mar 2021
Human 01 Mar 2021
More Than Half the Sky 01 Mar 2021
Not Just a Paycheck 01 Mar 2021
Phil Zimbardo on the Stanford Prison Experiment, Evil and Heroism 12 Mar 2021
FRONTLINE - Kind Hearted Woman Part 1 17 Mar 2021
Reel Injun: On the Trail of the Hollywood "Indian" 17 Mar 2021
Do Not Go Gently - The Power of Imagination in Aging 23 Mar 2021
GTFO: Get the F**k Out - Women in Gaming 23 Mar 2021
Maid in America 23 Mar 2021
Race - The Power of an Illusion (playlist) 23 Mar 2021
Anita - Speaking Truth to Power 25 Mar 2021
Teached: Code Oakland - African American Youth Challenge the Face of the Technology Industry 25 Mar 2021
The Economics of Happiness 25 Mar 2021
Bonhoeffer - An Anti-Nazi Dissident 31 Mar 2021
Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! - Investigating the Fast-Food Industry 31 Mar 2021
The Uncomfortable Truth - The History of Racism in America 31 Mar 2021
Disorders Associated with Mood Disturbance (playlist) 02 Apr 2021
Home Economics - Domestic Workers and Labor 02 Apr 2021
United in Anger: A History of ACT UP - The Grassroots Movement to End the AIDS Crisis 21 Apr 2021
Big Boys Gone Bananas (playlist) 21 Apr 2021
Fighting Back (1896 - 1917) 30 Apr 2021
Last Human Standing  30 Apr 2021
Zoom In - Microaggressions and Disability 30 Apr 2021
Under Our Skin 2: Emergence 18 May 2021
Dysfunctional Societies - How Equality Makes Societies Stronger 04 Aug 2021
Feminism Inshallah - A History of Arab Feminism 04 Aug 2021
25 Texans in the Land of Lincoln - College Students Honor Abraham Lincoln’s Support of Mexico 05 Aug 2021
Trauma and Memory I - The Dissociative Defense 04 Sep 2021
A Magical Substance Flows into Me - The Musical Diversity of Historical Palestine 30 Sep 2021
Corner Store - Immigration and Family 30 Sep 2021
How to Die in Oregon 30 Sep 2021
RBG 30 Sep 2021
The Insult - L'insulte 13 Oct 2021
Taking Root - The Vision of Environmentalist Wangari Maathai 29 Oct 2021
Awakenings - 1954-1956 31 Oct 2021
Brother Outsider - The Life of Freedom Fighter Bayard Rustin 31 Oct 2021
Girl Trouble - Teenage Girls and The Juvenile Justice System (playlist) 31 Oct 2021
Language Healers - Native Americans Revitalizing Native Languages 31 Oct 2021
Standing With the Women of Iraq 31 Oct 2021
The Most Dangerous Man in America - Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers 31 Oct 2021
White Right: Meeting the Enemy - A Muslim Filmmaker Confronts Members of the New "White Right" 31 Oct 2021
A Road to Home - Stories of Homeless LGBTQ Youth of New York City 30 Nov 2021
Gen Silent - Discrimination Against LGBT Seniors (playlist) 30 Nov 2021
How to Lose Your Virginity - Myths & Misogyny Around a Rite of Passage 30 Nov 2021
Write Down, I am an Arab 30 Nov 2021
Fairy-Tale Heroines--New-Style Princesses 17 Dec 2021
Nature Gods and Tricksters of Polynesia 17 Dec 2021
Peasant Folktales and Chinese Scholarship 17 Dec 2021
The Farewell 17 Dec 2021
Post Truth Times: We The Media - Navigating Information in a Post-Truth Media Landscape 31 Dec 2021
The Swamp 31 Dec 2021

2022 Dates