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What to Expect at the Library

How to book a seat.  

Start at the reservation page

Click "Reserve" to find available seats. 

Identify the best type of spot by selecting your zone and category.

  • Zones
    • 3rd floor: This is a quiet floor with both computers and study tables. 
    • 4th Floor: This is a quiet floor with computers, study tables, and study cubicles. 
    • Main Floor: The main floor is not a quiet floor.  This floor includes computers and a wide variety of study tables.  Some tables have whiteboard surfaces that you can write on. 
    • Browse Stacks: Use this zone to enter and browse library stacks to look for books or other materials. 
  • Category:
    • Computer station: This are stations that include a computer.  There are a wide variety of styles of computer stations.  Some on large tables and some with double monitors. 
    • Study Table: These do not come with a computer.  Some include a power outlet, while others do not. 

Once you've identified the zone and category, click "Show Availability"

If you do not immediately see any green "available spaces" on the calendar, click "Next Available".

You can click on the name of each individual seat in order to see a picture of that seat, as well as a description which will indicate things such as power outlets, seats near window, and the availability of whiteboards. 

Once you've selected which seat you want to research, click on the green square for the time you'd like your reservation to start.  Reservations will default to an hour long, but can be extended.  To extend your reservation use the drop down box below the scheduling grid to select a new end time.  

Click "Submit Times"

Confirm your seat and date and time, and read through the Terms and Conditions.  

Click "Continue"

Fill our the personal information form, and agree to the terms and conditions. 

Click "Submit my Booking"

Your booking is now complete.  You will receive a confirmation email.  Then 2 hours before your reservation you will receive a reminder email.  Your reminder email will have your booking code included.  Be sure to have this email ready when you come to the library to check in to your seat.