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Government Information: IL State Agencies

A guide to resources for those researching the federal Government, the Illinois government, the federal Census, and international government.

State Agencies List

Here are the call numbers for some of the most common Illinois agencies. Click on the underlined agency name to browse the agency's website. Our print publications are located on Level 2 of the Library, past the Reference Collection.

To find other agency publications, or a specific item, please contact the Government Documents liaison.  

Aging Department DOC.IL AGG
Agriculture Department DOC.IL AG
Arts Council, Illinois DOC.IL Y 3 AR 7
Attorney General DOC.IL AT

Auditor General DOC.IL AD
Central Management Services Department (CMS) DOC.IL CMS
Children & Family Services Department (DCFS) DOC.IL CS
Commerce & Economic Opportunity Department (DCEO) DOC.IL CA
Commerce Commission, Illinois (ICC) DOC.IL Y 3 C 72/9
Comptroller DOC.IL CM
Corrections Department (IDOC) DOC.IL CP
Criminal Justice Information Authority, Illinois DOC.IL Y 3 C 86/5
Education, Illinois State Board of (ISBE) DOC.IL P
Elections, Illinois State Board DOC.IL Y 3 EL 2/3
Employment Security, Illinois Department (IDES) DOC.IL ES
Environmental Protection Agency DOC.IL EP
Gaming Board, Illinois DOC.IL Y 3 G 14
General Assembly DOC.IL X
Government Forecasting & Accountability, Commission on DOC.IL Y 4 EC 7
Governor DOC.IL G
Higher Education, Illinois Board (IBHE) DOC.IL Y 3 H 53
Historic Preservation Agency DOC.IL H
Housing Development Authority, Illinois DOC.IL Y 3 H 81
Human Rights Commission, Illinois DOC.IL HR 2
Human Rights Department DOC.IL HR 1
Human Services Department (DHS) DOC.IL HS
Judicial (Illinois Courts) DOC.IL JU
Labor Department (IDOL) DOC.IL L
Labor Relations Board, Illinois DOC.IL Y 3 L 11/4
Legislative Research Unit DOC.IL Y 4
L 52/2
Lieutenant Governor DOC.IL LTG
Management & Budget, Office of DOC.IL G
National Guard, Illinois DOC.IL MIL
Natural Resources Department (DNR) DOC.IL DNR
Health Care and Family Services, Illinois Dept. of DOC.IL PA
Public Health Department (IDPH) DOC.IL PH
Revenue Department DOC.IL RV
Secretary of State DOC.IL S
State Police DOC.IL LE

Transportation Department (IDOT) DOC.IL TD
Treasurer, Office of the State DOC.IL T
Veterans' Affairs Department DOC.IL VA

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