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Faculty Resources @Brookens

Purchase Requests

If you need a specific book, video, or other item to support your research or teaching goals, send your request or recommendations to your Library Liaison or use the form below.  

If you would like the item placed on course reserve fill out the online Course Reserve Request Form instead.  The library will attempt to order requested reserve items that it does not already own.

Request Guidelines

Providing materials to support the educational mission of the university is one of the library's key roles.  Any and all types of materials may be requested for purchase with the exception of course textbooks.  Purchases will be considered based on availability, cost, and need.  

Books -- The library has a policy of not actively purchasing textbooks for reserves although those within the collection may be placed on reserve.  

Journals -- New journals are generally not acquired for specific courses but may be acquired as part of the broader library collection development program designed to meet departmental and program needs.  The "Get it Now" service and traditional Inter Library Loan are available to help faculty and students obtain needed materials in a timely manner. Please discuss the need for specific journals with your library subject/departmental liaison

Films & Media -- Please indicate whether or not you will need the streaming rights (if available for an additional cost) and note that films are purchased at an institutional level and are thus quite costly. 

Databases -- Due to the high cost of databases they are subjected to a more rigorous review process. Please discuss the need for these resources with your subject/departmental library liaison.

Book Request Form