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Cloud Library: Read/Return Books

My Books

Reading Books

Once you check out a book for the first time, the book will automatically open. All of the books you have checked out are located in the My Books tab.

Pages, Bookmarks, and Text Settings

Turn the pages of the book by tapping either the left or right edge of the screen, or by swiping the screen to the left or right.

Tap the center of the screen to show the menu options.

  • From the menu you can change text settings, create bookmarks, or go to the table of contents.
  • You can also use the seek bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly find a certain page.
  • To stop reading a book, tap close in the top-left corner.

How to Read and Listen

Returning Books

When you are finished with a book, it is important to return it. Even though it is a digital book it can only be checked out to one patron at a time. Returning the book will allow others to check it out in a timely manner.

There are two ways to return a book.

Returning from the My Books tab

  1. Tap Return Books at the top of the My Books screen.
  2. Tap the Return button next to the book you'd like to return.