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Cloud Library: How To

How To

Logging into Cloud Library

In order to log in, there are a few materials you will need:

  1. The Cloud Library app install on your device
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Your I-Card

The first time you open Cloud Library you're required to login. After you log in once, the app will remember your information and you won't have to log in again. While each device's login process is slightly different, they all require the following information:

  • Country: US
  • State: IL
  • Library: University of Illinois Springfield
  • Library Card ID: Located on your I-Card (14-digit number starting with 2141)

After entering the necessary information, you have to read and agree to the End User License Agreement in order to use the Cloud Library service. Once you agree you should be brought to the Cloud Library Home Screen

Setting Up Email Notifications


Once you have installed and logged into Cloud Library for the first time, we recommend that you set up email notifications.

  1. Using the left hand navigation, tap Settings.
  2. Tap Email under Notification.
  3. Select "Yes, notify me" when prompted.
  4. Enter you email address including “” or whichever email provider you choose.
  5. Cloud Library will send you a verification email. Log into your email and click the link within the email.
  6. If you do not receive an email, make sure you spelled your email address correctly and try again.
  7. Once you verify you email address you will receive notifications when books on your hold list become available to you.

When enabled, email notifications will send you an email whenever a book from your hold list becomes available to you. This is useful because available books currently being held are removed from your hold shelf after 5 days.

Finding Books and Checking-out


Searching Available Books

You can search all of our current eBooks by tapping the magnifying at the top of the screen. It is important to note that by default the search only finds books currently owned by Brookens Library. To learn to search for all books available within the Cloud Library platform, but not owned by your library view the "Suggesting Books" section on the "What is Cloud Library" tab of this guide.

  1. Tap the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen and enter the title or author you are looking for.
  2. Once you enter the search, a list of results will appear under the search bar.
    1. If the list returns without results, make sure everything in the search bar is spelled correctly. Or, skip down to the next section about searching for books that Brookens Library does not own. 
  3. Once you have selected a book, tap it to open the Book Details page.
    1. If a book has the 'Borrow' button it is available for immediate checkout.
    2. If the book says 'Hold' the book is currently checked out and you can add it to your hold list.

Putting an item on hold means that when the book is returned the first person on the hold list can check it out.

Hold List


The Cloud Library Hold List is a list of books you would like to check out but are currently not available.

Hold List Policies

  • Items stay on your hold list until they become available to you.
  • When a book on your hold list becomes available, a message will appear in you message center on the My Books tab. Email notifactions are OFF by defualt, we recommend that you turn them ON. See the sectionon setting up email notifactions on the Installation tab of this guide.
  • You can have up to 5 books on your hold list at one time.
  • Once a book on your hold list becomes available, it will stay on your hold shelve for 5 days before it is no longer available to you and moves to the next person on the hold list.

For instructions on setting up email notifactions click here.

Quick Guide to Searching


Can't find the book you're looking for?

  • Make sure you are spelling everything correctly
  • Try searching All books, not just Brookens Library holdings
  • Unfortunately, there are some books that simply are not available in eBook form. 

Reading Books


Once you check out a book for the first time, the book will automatically open. All of the books you have checked out are located in the My Books tab.

Pages, Bookmarks, and Text Settings

Turn the pages of the book by tapping either the left or right edge of the screen, or by swiping the screen to the left or right.

Tap the center of the screen to show the menu options.

  • From the menu you can change text settings, create bookmarks, or go to the table of contents.
  • You can also use the seek bar at the bottom of the screen to quickly find a certain page.
  • To stop reading a book, tap close in the top-left corner.

Returning Books


When you are finished with a book, it is important to return it. Even though it is a digital book it can only be checked out to one patron at a time. Returning the book will allow others to check it out in a timely manner.

There are two ways to return a book.

Returning from the My Books tab

  1. Tap Return Books at the top of the My Books screen.
  2. Tap the Return button next to the book you'd like to return.

Common Issues

If you are having any problems please visit‚Äč for help in troubleshooting.

How To Videos

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