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Brookens Library Undergraduate Research Award: Previous Award Winners

Previous Winners

2022 1st Place Winner: Taryn Christy

Our Building is Run by Women”: Women’s Success in the Illinois Public Sector

2022 2nd Place Winner: Abigail High

The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bombs

2022 3rd Place Winners: Briana Rodriguez 

Forced Labor in U.S Detention Centers: The Exploitation of Detained Immigrants Under the Guise of Voluntary Work Programs

2022 4th Place Winner: Blake Bergner

The Significance and Racism of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates

2022 5th Place Winner: Diana Ibarra

The Augmentation of Feminicides in Latin America Through Machismo

2021 1st Place Winner: Alexandra Simpson

Complexity in Nature and Humanity in Red Sorghum

2021 2nd Place Winner: Malavika Mujumdar

Graphic Poetry as Historical Experience in Naoko Fujimoto’s “Thursdays” and “On A Black Hill”

2021 3rd Place Winners: Benjamin Garrett

An Overview of the Life, Extinction, and Possible De-Extinction of Mammuthus Primigenius

2021 4th Place Winner: Rebecca Wheeler

Decision Vision II: Investigating the Effects of Mental Simulation on Accuracy During Affect-Induced and Logic-Induced Decisions by Intuitive and Rational Decision Makers​

2021 5th Place Winner: Joshua Melnick

Development of DNA Barcoding in Oak Species

2020 1st Place Winner: Anna Kanai

Americanization in Europe: History, Hollywood, and European Perceptions

2020 2nd Place Winner: Hunter Niebrugge

Ouch!: Female Student-Athletes and the Influence of Collegiate Athletics on Injury

2020 3rd Place Winners: Rebecca Wheeler

Decision Vision: Utilizing Mental Simulation to Promote Accuracy During Intuitive Decision Making

2020 4th Place Winner: Jermaine Windham

The “Black Nerd Stereotype” & The African American Representation in the Media

2020 5th Place Winner: Sagun Pandit

Analysis of Sexual Assault in Nepal

2019 1st Place Winners: Conor McKenzie and Payton Raso


2019 2nd Place Winner: Heba Qazi

Patently Underdeveloped: How Misuse of Patent Law by Unethical Business Practices of the Pharmaceutical Industry Hurts Developing Nations

2019 3rd Place Winners: Alan Huebschen and Robert Stockwell

Computational Exploration of Neural Networks in the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus

2018 1st Place Winner: Adam Hild

The Peace-Loving Preachers of War: Understanding the American Clergy’s Shift toward Interventionism in the First World War

2018 2nd Place Winner: Hannah Nordby

Working Memory Deficits in People with Schizophrenia

2018 3rd Place Winner: Marjorie Carter

Humor in the Face of Injustice

2017 1st Place Winner: Shyleen Frost

Toxicity of E-liquid Flavors and Base Components on the AGS and A549 Cell Lines

2017 2nd Place Winner: Abigail Norville

Prevalence of Hepatitis C among Homeless People in Major Central Illinois Cities

2017 3rd Place Winner: Vanessa Pratt

Drug Courts: The Cure for the American Legal System’s Addiction to Punishment

2016 Winner: David Seidel

Is the Clean Water Act Always Applicable? : What New Water Quality Standards Mean for the State of Illinois, Its Waterways, and Small Town Discharger

2015 Winner: Michael Lotspeich

Adherence to Themes in Rural Local Education Agency Reorganization Research: a Meta-analysis Review