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A guide to theatre research and resources.

Find Sources

Written by scholars or experts in the field. Scholarly articles, also called academic articles, can be found using databases and cover a wide range of topics and can either be original research or analysis of an issue or topic.

Features of Scholarly Sources

  • Usually take the form of books or journal articles.
  • Often peer-reviewed.
  • Generally, present in-depth analysis or summaries of a topic.

Finding Scholarly Sources: 

This video is a brief introduction to the scholarly and popular sources you will come across while researching. What are they and how do you know what to use for your assignment?

You can search the library website for books and other materials and request them for pick up at the library. UIS Library is also a member of I-Share, which means our students can access materials available at other Illinois colleges and universities. Watch this short video to learn more about how to search and request materials.

Locating Plays

Locating Plays in the Library Catalog

You can search for plays by author (Chekhov, Anton Pavlovich), title (Cherry Orchard) or keywords (Chekhov and Cherry) using the library search

Locating Plays and Playwrights by Categories

You can also search in the Library Catalog by Subject:

  • Monologue
  • One-Act Plays
  • Farces
  • Comedy
  • Children's Plays
  • Drama - 20th Century
  • English Drama
  • American Drama - Collected Works
  • American Drama - Women Authors
  • American Drama  - African American Authors
  • African Drama (English) - Women Authors
Call number ranges for topics related to plays
Call Number(s) Topic
GT 500-GT 2289 Costumes -- History/Description
GT 2290-GT 2341 Hair, cosmetics
GT 1747 Masks
ND 2885 Scene painting
NK 8802-NK8998 Textile arts
PN 1600-PN 3307 Drama
PN 2068 Make-up
PN 2091 .E4 Electric devices; stage lighting
PN 2091 .S8 Stage settings; scenery
PN 2061-PN 2071 Art of acting
PN 2085-PN 2091 The stage and accessories
PN 2131-PN 2145 Ancient Theatre History
PN 2152-PN 2160 Medieval theatre history
PN 2171-PN 2179 Renaissance theatre history
PN 2181-PN 2193 Modern theatre history
PN 3035 The Jewish Theatre
PN 6110.5-PN6120 Play collections
PR 621-PR 739 English literature-drama
PR 641-PR739 History of drama literature
PS 330-PS 352

American literature-drama

TS 545-TT850 Costumes -- Construction


Theatre in Video

Using theatre in video:

Additional Resources

Media History

More Databases