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Human Development Counseling: Tests and Assessment Instruments

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Tests and Assessment Instruments

How to Find Information about Specific Testing, Measurement and Assessment Tools

1. Go to the PsycTESTS database to search for a copy of the actual test instrument. Some tests include only the scale or inventory while others include the manual.

2. To find reviews of tests, go to Mental Measurement Yearbook with Tests in Print and search for your specific test.

3. To find test manuals, you may have to check several places. Sometimes the article wherein the testing instrument was first used will provide information on how to administer the test. Check PsycINFO for those articles. You can also check the library catalog to find books with test manuals. You can also search Google for the test publisher's website.

4. If you do not find the information that you need in any of those resources, then check some of the databases listed under the "Articles" tab. Such a search may give you a full-text article or an abstract of the article which happens to mention the company that publishes the desired test. Then you can search for the company and/or test on the internet to find a copy of it.

5. If you are still unable to find the desired information, then look for books in the library catalog that may help you find information about a specific test or about specific tests within a given subject area. Search terms like marriage and family assessment, mental clinical assessment, or bereavement assessment.