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Human Development Counseling

Find Sources

Written by scholars or experts in the field. Scholarly articles, also called academic articles, can be found using databases and cover a wide range of topics and can either be original research or analysis of an issue or topic.

Features of Scholarly Sources

  • Usually take the form of books or journal articles.
  • Often peer-reviewed.
  • Generally, present in-depth analysis or summaries of a topic.

Finding Scholarly Sources:

To find a test instrument, you may need to search several places to find the test you are looking for. Not all tests are freely available, but here are some places you can begin your search:

  • Start with PsycTESTS to search for the actual copy of the testing instrument. Some tests include only the scale or inventory while others include the manual. Click PDF Full Text to access it.
  • If you cannot find anything in PsycTESTS, try searching on Google for the test. Sometimes, the publisher's website will include the test instrument.
  • Search one of the library databases listed under the "Articles" tab like PsycINFO. Search for your test and find articles that focus on test development. 
  • Try looking for books in the library catalog that may help you find information about a specific test or about specific tests within a given subject area. Example search terms: marriage and family assessmentmental clinical assessment, or bereavement assessment.

This video is a brief introduction to the scholarly and popular sources you will come across while researching. What are they and how do you know what to use for your assignment?

You can search the library website for books and other materials and request them for pick up at the library. UIS Library is also a member of I-Share, which means our students can access materials available at other Illinois colleges and universities. Watch this short video to learn more about how to search and request materials.

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