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General Statement on Copyright

The University of Illinois at Springfield and the library are committed to complying with laws, regulations, and institutional policies in regard to the use of information, copyright, and the provisions regarding copyright in The Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA).

Copyright law can be a complex topic to navigate, and the issues students, faculty and staff must confront when it comes to copyright are often different. While complying with existing laws and regulation, the library believes in vigorously defending the exceptions within these laws for education, scholarship, and the advancement of knowledge as these and the ethical use of information are critical to the educational, research, and public service mission of the university. 

Contact Brookens Library for questions about this policy. Library staff can assist you in answering questions about this policy, regarding copyright, completing a fair use analysis, obtaining the information you need to answer your copyright questions, and related issues, but they cannot and will not offer legal advice.

Copyright Small Claims under the CASE Act Proceedings

The University of Illinois Libraries and Archives have opted out of the CASE Small Copyright Claims process on behalf of the organization and its employees. The University of Illinois has developed a guide about small copyright claims covering the topic and frequently asked questions, follow the link below.

Please note that the U.S. Copyright Office is still creating the rules that implement this new law, so the information on the page below will evolve. Note that with all information on Scholarly Communication, Copyright, and Publishing we cannot provide you with legal advice, but we can help you understand how the law works. If you have further questions, contact us at, or contact the Copyright Librarian, Sara Benson, at UIUC directly at, or Pattie Piotrowski at UIS.

Information for Library/Archival employees:  

In brief, if you are a librarian, archivist, or employee of the library/archives and you receive a copyright small claim notice based on your work as an employee of the library, you should refer the claimant to the opt out page (link below) where the University of Illinois Libraries will be listed. In that case, you would not need to opt out of the claim, as the Library has already preemptively opted out for you in your capacity as an employee for the library.

However, If you receive a claim notice, please contact If you have additional questions, you can contact Sara Benson at UIUC or Pattie Piotrowski at UIS

Additional Links

Information on Copyright Law and related topics for the University of Illinois Springfield.