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Faculty FAQ

Information Literacy


Information Literacy is the reflective discovery and deliberate use of information. It encompasses the ability to recognize how information is created and valued, approaches research as inquiry, engages in searching as an act of strategic exploration, and thoughtfully uses and evaluates sources. It leads to effectively navigating the increasingly diverse and expanding information landscape, which is constantly adapting to an ever-changing digital environment.

Learning Outcomes

Brookens Library Information Literacy Student Learning Outcomes for Undergraduate Education were created to foster campus-wide conversations about shared goals for the teaching and learning of information literacy. The following outcomes establish our vision for information literacy that encompasses the entire undergraduate curriculum in which the foundations are introduced, taught and built upon in specific courses throughout the student’s major.

By the time they graduate, students who have participated in our curriculum will be able to:

  • Understand the role the library can play in their success at UIS
  • Understand research as a process of inquiry and critical thinking
  • Identify and evaluate suitable sources
  • Conduct searches strategically
  • Use and communicate information appropriately
  • Recognize that information has value