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Public Administration

Undergraduate Research Guide

This guide introduces:

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  • The research process
  • How to pick a topic
  • Building a search plan
  • Finding sources
  • How to get help from a librarian

Start at the beginning and work through each page. When you've reached the bottom, select:

Understanding the research process helps you set yourself up for success.  Watch this video to learn more about the steps of a successful research process.

Beginning a research paper or a project can be overwhelming but we're here to help!

This research guide will guide you through the research process from start to finish. First, make sure you understand your assignment:

  • Length
    • Shorter assignments require a more focused idea.
  • Due Dates
    • Give yourself ample time to explore your topic.
  • Required Sources
    • Note the source requirements of your assignment. Sometimes the information you will need will be found in a Library database.
    • Keep in mind that scholarly sources take longer to publish, so scholarly information on topics focused on specific recent events may be limited.