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Streaming Media at Brookens

This guide is to provide information on Kanopy and other streaming media content available through the Brookens Library.


This guide is intended to provide faculty with a list of already purchased streaming media for use in their courses.

Requests for streaming media will be processed as they arrive. However, due to the high number of requests received the library cannot guarantee that all requests will be fulfilled.  We ask you to consider the resources in this guide as you search for alternative media that for your courses.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, contact your subject librarian and they will happily help you.

Kanopy Information

Kanopy is a streaming video services intended to provide access to documentaries and other educational media in support of the university curricular needs. Kanopy videos are not intended for casual or entertainment viewing.

Kanopy is platform for streaming media with the ability to lease titles for one or three years with the addition of a pay per view service.

At present, the pay per view service is not active at this time due to budgetary considerations.  If you, would like to use a title for your course, research, or scholarship, you can use the request form within the Kanopy platform or use the streaming media request form below.

When the pay per view service is activated, most videos on the platform are open and available for previewing for three views without charge. The fourth view automatically triggers the library purchasing unlimited rights to the video for a year at the cost of $150. A view is defined as a play of 30 seconds or more.  Under the pay per view option when available, the Library recommends that a faculty member set aside enough time to view as much of the content as needed to determine if a video meets their learning objectives.  Ideally, within a single viewing so that only videos needed for classroom use are purchased.

 Additionally, there are some videos on the platform that must be leased outright. If a video is needed for a course, again please place a request using the Streaming Media Request form.

The currently licensed content available is listed under the Kanopy tab by title and expiration date.