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Streaming Media at Brookens: BBC Shakespeare Plays

This guide is to provide information on Kanopy and other streaming media content available through the Brookens Library.


BBC Shakespeare Plays, The Description
All's Well that Ends Well Here Shakespeare uses one of his favorite devices--trickery. The young countess resorts to chicanery to win her husband's respect.
Antony & Cleopatra The star, Jane Lapotaire, not only looks similar to the historical Queen of Egypt, but has the range to capture her many facets
As You Like It Is there a "natural difference" between a duke's daughter and a commoner? Are men really stronger than women? Or is it just society's role? Stars Helen Mirren and Richard Pasco.
The Comedy of Errors Roger Daltrey, lead singer of the band "The Who," stars in Shakespeare's shortest play.
Coriolanus In his last tragedy, Shakespeare studies the character of a soldier. Stars Alan Howard.
Cymbeline King Cymbeline's evil second queen tries to force Princess Imogen to marry her own son. Starring Claire Bloom and Helen Mirren.
Hamlet In this richly costumed production, the greatest tragedy ever written maintains all the tension of a murder mystery. Derek Jacobi is a superb choice as Hamlet.
Henry IV, Part 1 The boisterous Falstaff leads Prince Hal, the heir to the throne, through London's lowlife taverns. Starring Jon Finch, Anthony Quayle.
Henry IV, Part 2 The death of Henry IV, banishment of Falstaff and coronation of Hal as Henry V. Stars Jon Finch, Anthony Quayle, David Gwillim.
Henry V England's most admired national hero, Henry V unites his people, invades France, deals with traitors and cements the peace
Henry VI, Part 1 First of a trilogy, recreating King Henry's early days. Starring Peter Benson, Trevor Peacock.
Henry VI, Part 2 Henry marries Lady Margaret, but she despises his meekness and takes Suffolk as a lover
Henry VI, Part 3 York wins the War of Roses and forces Henry to give him succession.
Henry VIII Filmed at Henry's favorite place, Leeds Castle, enacted in the very rooms the King inhabited, 500 years ago. Stars Claire Bloom, John Stride.
Julius Caesar Breaking dramatic conventions, Shakespeare creates neither a clearcut hero nor a villain. Starring Charles Gray as Caesar.
King John Here Shakespeare rewrote another's work, the only time he uses such a source instead of the chronicles themselves. Stars Claire Bloom
King Lear Crisply paced, with an exemplary cast. Starring Michael Hodern, Anton Lesser.
Love's Labour's Lost A splendid satire -- some of Shakespeare's best early poetry
Macbeth This savage tragedy is one of Shakespeare's most enduringly popular. Starring Nicol Williamson and Jane Lapotaire.
Measure For Measure The trickiest sort of play -- a comedy with tragic relief. The New York Times says "Kate Nelligan is the image idealized faultlessness."
Merchant of Venice This play presents contrasts in the character Shylock. Is he villian, buffoon or tragic hero? Starring Warren Mitchell, Gemma Jones.
Merry Wives of Windsor Queen Elizabeth herself is said to have requested the return of Falstaff. Here he tries to seduce two respectable wives. Stars Ben Kingsley.
A Midsummer Night's Dream An extraordinary production of an enduring comedy. The strong cast features Helen Mirren and Peter McEnery
Much Ado About Nothing The sparring wit of the confirmed bachelor, Benedick, and the haughty lady Beatrice seems to delight audiences more every year.
Othello Perhaps his greatest triumph as a stage play. Evil Iago plants doubt in Othello's mind about Desdemona, and audiences are spellbound. Stars Anthony Hopkins, Bob Hoskins as Iago.
Pericles The Prince of Tyre, who flees upon discovering his King in an incestuous relationship. Starring Mike Gwilym and Amanda Redman.
Richard II A stellar cast includes Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, and Dame Wendy Hiller.
Richard III A huge success in its day, this play portrays an intricate period in English history.
Romeo and Juliet A "hit" for over 400 years. It expresses love in its infinite variety more than any other work in the English language. Stars Sir John Gielgud.
Taming of the Shrew John Cleese, of Monty Python, portrays Petruchio to unanimous acclaim: "an object lesson in serving Shakespeare to a present-day audience."
The Tempest A timeless stage on an enchanted island. An exiled Duke and two lovers encounter the occult.
Timon of Athens Choice says "recommended version of a difficult yet interesting play." His most cynical work.
Titus Andronicus This tragedy draws on brutal Roman mythology. Stars Eileen Atkins, Trevor Peacock
Troilus & Cressida Says Choice, "This video is simply excellent, valuable to anyone teaching the play." Stars Anton Lesser, Suzanne Burden.
Twelfth Night This is the most subtle of Shakespeare's comedies. Starring Alec McCowen, Trevor Peacock.
Two Gentlemen of Verona Shakespeare's earliest attempt at romantic comedy, two friends fall in love with Silvia. With the characters Valentine, Proteus, Silvia and Julia.
The Winter's Tale A theme that occupied Shakespeare later in life: reconciliation. Wrongs committed by one generation are made right by the next.