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Scholarly Communications

Scholarly Communication - Overview

Scholarly Communications and Copyright encompasses many issues and subtopics that are often interrelated.
These issue impact faculty in both aspects of their responsibilities, those as educators and those as faculty authors or creators of scholarly works.  In terms of educational use, faculty are concerned in what can be used in the classroom and online courses.  Also on how changes to the scholarly communication system impacts their teaching and classroom use of materials.  As faculty authors or creators of copyrighted works, there is the inherent conflict between the desire to obtain recognition through the traditional publication system and the desire to make their information broadly available and accessible for educational use or future scholarship.  

The information presented are designed to provide a brief overview of these topics and how the library can aid faculty in understanding these issues as well as the various university policies related to these topics.

The Director of Collections and Scholarly Communications, H. Stephen McMinn at is available to help with any scholarly communication issue from copyright to locating Open Educational Resources (OER) materials.