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Continuity of Library Services: Information for Students

Student Information

In these unprecedented times, faculty and staff of Brookens Library are available to assist you in being academically successful as UIS adapts to remote classes and alternative access. Thankfully many library resources are already available online, and we have created additional resources to assist you at this time.

  • At this time, IGNORE DUE DATES on materials borrowed from our library, whether our book, or one that is from another library. We encourage you to renew materials online as long as you can, but DO NOT RETURN items at this time. 
  • If you can no longer renew materials online, KEEP them anyway. The CARLI consortia libraries are working together to serve our patrons across Illinois. You may live near an I-Share Library and normally have access to drop off materials or use their collections. Many I-Share libraries that are usually open to patrons (that’s YOU) from I-Share member libraries are closed due to spring breaks or in response to the virus so please check web sites or call ahead before visiting any libraries.
  • Instant messaging chat services are being offered as many library staff will be working remotely and not in their offices. A chat box can be found on the library’s home page, and is embedded throughout individual library web pages. You can also email library staff as needed for assistance. Contact the library’s Main Desk at 217.206.6605
  • A new COVID-19 guide has been created to keep all pertinent Library information together in one place to best serve faculty and patrons.
  • Use our streaming media guide with links to video resources that we currently subscribe to, as well as materials that vendors are providing free at this time.
  • Scholarly EBook collections that we have purchased or subscribe to that are research and discipline related, are accessible online and can be used for classes and coursework. Leisure books for relaxing or entertainment can be searched and read through the Cloud Library Collection.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our policies and access are changing as rapidly as your circumstances and we will do our best to provide continuity of resources and services.